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Enjoy The Moment®

Connect with Nature

Connect with nature when you can even if the weather is not completely ideal. It is February here in Massachusetts and that means two things, it is cold and there may be snow on the ground. Nature is amazing in all of its forms. This did not stop me and my hubby from trekking outdoors […]

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Never Forget

I pondered what to post on the 20th Anniversary of one of most tragic events to ever occur on our soil. Like many of you, I was at work at a rehab facility and remember watching in utter disbelief what was unfolding in NYC on a patient’s television that beautiful morning. My husband and I […]

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Tougas Family Farm

Here is a shout-out the Tougas Family Farm we visited today. You must come out and try their Apple Crisp, cider donuts and other goodies. They have a nice varied selection of apples and other food products. Check them out for your next Apple picking excursion

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