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Enjoy The Moment®

Your Own Path

I’m here to remind you all to follow your OWN path. Yes, you read that right… “You should do it this way…” How many times have you heard that? It is easy to get caught up in someone else’s way of thinking or way of doing things. I was never one for being part of […]

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Re-Energize and Re-Balance

The theme of this entry is re-energize and re-balance. I love living near a body of water, especially the ocean. Anyone else Enjoy the moment by the water? No matter what the weather, the ocean is so beautiful and extremely impressive. On a beautiful, sunny day, the calming sounds of the waves crashing gently upon […]

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Go Outside

I don’t know about you, but oftentimes I find that being cramped inside all day effects my #mood and overall #energy. I feel tired and down. Can anyone else relate? To remedy this, I make a point to go #outside, take a deep breath and walk in nature. It’s refreshing AND invigorating! “Stop and smell […]

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