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Enjoy The Moment®

Self Care is important

This week is all about balance in our lives. I strive for balance in my busy life but realize that I cannot do everything. The most important thing is daily self-care.  My goal is live our brand every day, “Step away from the chaos of the day and enjoy the moment.”  I challenge everyone to make time for yourselves every single day […]

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Be Authentic

This week is as raw and authentic as I would ever post on social media. I hope it give’s other people encouragement to step away from it all when life gets really crazy and overwhelming. I had a very stressful couple of weeks and really needed time to myself and I unapologetically did just that. […]

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Freedom is empowerment

Hope everyone had a safe and fun July 4th holiday weekend. During this week, I reflected on what freedom meant to me personally. As I reflected on this, I realized that freedom is empowerment.  Freedom is living life on my own terms. Freedom is having courage and boldness to follow my dreams, visions and passions. Freedom is surrounding myself with people who support and accept me […]

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