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Never Forget

I pondered what to post on the 20th Anniversary of one of most tragic events to ever occur on our soil. Like many of you, I was at work at a rehab facility and remember watching in utter disbelief what was unfolding in NYC on a patient’s television that beautiful morning. My husband and I […]

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Tougas Family Farm

Here is a shout-out the Tougas Family Farm we visited today. You must come out and try their Apple Crisp, cider donuts and other goodies. They have a nice varied selection of apples and other food products. Check them out for your next Apple picking excursion

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Traveling Tea Inspirista Day 7 Shout-Out for Norms

Traveling Tea Inspirista Shout-out for Norms After returning my van rental, we found a fantastic breakfast place, Norms in West Hollywood off La Cienega Blvd. Great food in an Old fashioned diner atmosphere! Check them when in LA!!

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Traveling Tea Inspirista Day 7 Philadelphia to LA

We made it to LA!!! Woot!! It was a chaotic day on Friday with driving in LA traffic, moving our son’s belongings into his apartment and just recovering from our long trip. So, this is a few days late for you all. I’m so happy that I made this trip with my son. Our country […]

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Traveling Tea Inspirista Day 6 Shout-Out for Navejo Blue Travel Plaza

Traveling Tea Inspirista Shout-out for Navajo Blue Travel Plaza Exit 219 near Flagstaff Arizona.

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Traveling Tea Inspirista Day 6 Shout-Out for Navejo Travel Center

Traveling Tea Inspirista Shout-out for The Navajo Travel Center off of Interstate 40. This is a wonderful one stop area in Navajo, Arizona to get gas, use restrooms, use their little dog park area, get food at Subway, and shop local Navajo Indian gifts. Check them out!! @navajotravelcenter

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August 19, 2021 – Traveling Tea Inspirista Day 6 Philadelphia to LA

We just completed Day 6 of our trip from Philadelphia to LA. We left Gallup, NM and traveled through the prairies and canyons of Arizona with our final stop in Needles, CA. It was a long day, but a very nice day with no weather issues at all. Needles is city in eastern San Bernardino […]

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Traveling Tea Inspirista Day 5 Philadelphia to LA.

We completed Day 5 and made it to Gallup, New Mexico from Texas. We experienced the flat plains and beautiful mountainous terrain of red rock sandstone as we traveled to Gallup. Gallup is along Historic Route 66 and is part of the High Desert with an elevation of about 6,500 ft. Gallup is know for […]

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Traveling Tea Inspirista Day 4 Philadelphia to LA

We completed Day 4! I forgot to mention that part of our travels on Day 3 occurred on Historic Route 66. An interesting tidbit, Route 66, also known as the Mother Road was built in the early 1900’s to connect and transport commerce in the rural areas from Chicago to Los Angeles. The 1970s saw […]

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Traveling Tea Inspirista Day 4 Shout-Out for Cherokee Trading Post

Here is a shout-out for the Cherokee Trading Post we came across on our way to Amarillo Texas from Tulsa Oklahoma. When you are in Calumet, Texas you must check out Cherokee Trading Post where you can get handmade Indian gifts including jewelry, clothing, moccasins and so much more!!! There is a gas station, Cherokee […]

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