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Being Mindful

It’s time to transition to spring, friends! It can be very challenging to step into the spring season when the temperature is still cold or while we are still experiencing winter weather. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining more brightly and sky is a breathtaking blue. I find that I’m not always mindful of nature’s beauty and of the blessings surrounding me. Daily practice in prayer and meditation helps restore my mindfulness and focus with all that I do in my daily life. Regular yoga, routine pilates practice and walks in nature help me to be more grounded. I’m finding that when I don’t make time for daily prayer, meditation or exercise I feel off balance, ungrounded, stressed and often times anxious. I read from a 365 inspirational daily meditation book that is dated so I can keep track of each meditation and use it from year to year. I also use various mindfulness apps on my phone. One of favorite is Calm. This app has a “Daily Calm” section that is lead by Tamara Levitt who is the Head of Mindfulness for Calm. As the #weather clears, the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, I’m making a decision to commit daily to taking care of ME through prayer, mediation and #exercise. What are some daily mindful practices you embrace?