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Enjoy The Moment®

Never Forget

I pondered what to post on the 20th Anniversary of one of most tragic events to ever occur on our soil. Like many of you, I was at work at a rehab facility and remember watching in utter disbelief what was unfolding in NYC on a patient’s television that beautiful morning. My husband and I […]

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Gratitude is the NEW attitude

This week’s theme is gratitude  is the NEW attitude. I sometimes lose sight of my blessings. I’m sure everyone can relate to that. I get frustrated with my family, the rainy weather or a situation that I can’t control. However, if I stand back and see the whole picture, I realize how grateful I am for everything in […]

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Your Own Path

I’m here to remind you all to follow your OWN path. Yes, you read that right… “You should do it this way…” How many times have you heard that? It is easy to get caught up in someone else’s way of thinking or way of doing things. I was never one for being part of […]

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Stepping out of your comfort zone

Today’s topic is “stepping out of your comfort zone.” I would like to start with a quote that can apply to all of us who strive for #perfection from one of our impactful presidents, Harry S. Truman “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” I find that I try to make sure everything is perfectly […]

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Spiritual Reflection

Today is Ash Wednesday and is the start of the Lenten season for Christians. This is a time for spiritual reflection, renewal and rebirth before Easter. Spring is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to reflect on who they are or want to become. Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal like we see in […]

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Honor a Memory

Today’s theme is, Honor a Memory. This particular Spill the Tea Wednesday just happens to be the 20th Anniversary of my mother’s passing from lung cancer. I know many friends who have lost loved ones and loss is never easy regardless of the cause. The pain has faded, but I still miss my mother even […]

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