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Never Forget

I pondered what to post on the 20th Anniversary of one of most tragic events to ever occur on our soil. Like many of you, I was at work at a rehab facility and remember watching in utter disbelief what was unfolding in NYC on a patient’s television that beautiful morning. My husband and I along with our three year old son lived in White Plains, NY at the time. My husband worked in midtown NYC. Our feelings of safety, peace and confidence were completely rocked that day. Our youngest son is a post 9/11 baby and he and our oldest son are part of this generation to make a positive difference and create a future of peace and hope. I prayed that day and I continue to pray for everyone who survived this horrendous event that day. I pray for everyone who lost loved ones, friends and co-workers that day. I pray for all of the first responders and volunteers who risked their lives to save others that day. I pray for all of the survivors who are suffering chronic health issues or have died from health issues as a result of this tragedy. I pray for everyone involved in clearing and rebuilding of this sacred space. I pray for all of us to Never Forget this day and to spread love and peace in our lives every single day. God Bless the United States!