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Stepping out of your comfort zone

Today’s topic is “stepping out of your comfort zone.” I would like to start with a quote that can apply to all of us who strive for #perfection from one of our impactful presidents, Harry S. Truman “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” I find that I try to make sure everything is perfectly written or filmed before I post. However, lack of action just holds me back from sharing my gifts with the world.

Another big influence in my life and very successful entrepreneur that I look up to is Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder of EWomen Network. Sandra said something at an event I attended and it has stayed with me ever since the moment I heard it… “Fear to take action is self-inflicted sabotage, and your future doesn’t deserve the punishment.” Sometimes, it is so hard to step out of our comfort zones and move forward in our lives. But it’s necessary!! I had a big growing experience last week when I was invited to participate in the iHeartRadio show, Passage to profit show hosted by Richard and Elizabeth Gearhart. I was one the entrepreneurs that came on to promote my company and brand, TeaScapes. When an opportunity like this comes your way, you make it work. All that’s matters is that I found a way to make it happen. It was an amazing experience with one little problem. I had been fighting a cold and lost most of my voice that day. Thank goodness that I have a fantastic publicist and social media strategist who prepared and guided me through the entire process. I could have backed out and the hosts would have understood because I wasn’t feeling well. I was very proud of myself for pushing through a less than ideal situation and giving it my all! So, next time someone gives you an opportunity that feels too big or scary, go for it. You deserve it! It may be just what you need to do to get to the next level.