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Traveling Tea Inspirista Day 5 Philadelphia to LA.

We completed Day 5 and made it to Gallup, New Mexico from Texas. We experienced the flat plains and beautiful mountainous terrain of red rock sandstone as we traveled to Gallup. Gallup is along Historic Route 66 and is part of the High Desert with an elevation of about 6,500 ft. Gallup is know for its rich Native American culture and in 1881 became the headquarters for the Southern Transcontinental Rail Route so seeing freight trains is common place here. It was cool watching the long freight trains on our journey here. This was a very challenging day because of the wicked weather we went through outside of Albuquerque. We saw so many cloud to ground lightening strikes near us because we were in the mountains. We even needed to pull over at one point to ride out the storm. This has been an adventure! On to Day 6 heading to CA. Until next time, where everything here is uplifting and inspirational, Enjoy the Moment!!

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