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Your Own Path

I’m here to remind you all to follow your OWN path. Yes, you read that right… “You should do it this way…” How many times have you heard that? It is easy to get caught up in someone else’s way of thinking or way of doing things. I was never one for being part of a clique. I never tried to be someone I was not and most of the time, I felt comfortable being just me. I find that I can blend with any group. As a child, I remember trying to fit in, but as I got older, I realized you either like me the way I am or you don’t. And guess what, if you don’t, it is your loss. I know that may sound harsh, but it is not my job to make everyone like me. Life is not a popularity contest. It’s also not my job to act a certain way just to be part of a group. As I journey through the second half of my life, I have a different perspective on my life and new dreams I plan to pursue. Follow your OWN path is my advice to everyone reading this now. This quote sums it up for me, “Let go of the people who dull your #shine, poison your spirit and bring you drama. Cancel your subscription to their issues. ” Job well done, Steve Maraboli! I couldn’t agree with you more!