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Cancer Hates Tea


Tea is the most studiedanti-cancer plant. Cancer Hates Teaencapsulates The Tea Spot founder’s personal journey anddiscovery of tea as a means for achieving and maintaining healthafter her own battle with cancer. It’s a resource that is bothpersonal to her and relevant for all. In a spirited tone & accessibleformat, Maria breaks down just how tea works when it helps yourbody’s defenses.


Become a tea lover with a purpose and help your body defend itselfagainst cancer. Learn to embrace tea in all its varieties, as both amental and physical experience to protect your health. Discover thehistory, growing information and health implications of eachvariety, as well as uniquely delicious methods to boost your intakewith serving suggestions, food pairings, and recipes that highlightthe benefits of tea.

Features : Beautiful softcover book: 208 pageswritten by MariaUspenski, TheTea Spot’s founder and CEO-Includes cancer-bashing food and drink recipes

Disclaimer : This book is not intended to promote tea as a treatment forany ailment or disease and is not to be used, substituted or relied on as areplacement for professional diagnostic or treatment purposes.


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