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The New Tea Companion


This is the most widely-used reference book for tea professionalsworldwide, authored by Jane Pettigrew (UK) and Bruce Richardson (USA).This is a classic guide to all the major tea-producing countries of the worldand the teas they produce-from favorites such as Darjeeling, Assam,Lapsang Souchong and Earl Grey, to the more acquired tastes of Japanesegreen teas and the exquisitelybeautiful, rareChinese white teas. Theexpanded edition includes several new tea-producing countries, including Korea and Vietnam.


Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson describe how tea is produced,processed, traded, and blended. They give expert guidance on how toprecisely brew the different types of tea.Illustrated with beautifulphotography of tea gardens, teawares, andtea scenes, as well asposters, caddy designs, and other tea accouterments,The New TeaCompanionis the essential guide to how life-enhancing tea is enjoyedacross the world today.


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