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Enjoy The Moment®

Tsac #1


Now, you have a practical choice to enjoy all of your loose leaf teas in asimple, easy to fill, environmentally friendly, disposable tea bagin two sizes. T-Sac 1 for1cup (1-2 teaspoons of tea) and for T-Sac2 and 2-4 cups (up to 4 teaspoons)

SKU: TS001

Description :

– Made in Germany-100 count recyclable box

– Made of Abaca fiber or banana hemp

– Natural color, chlorine free

– Biodegradable and compostable

– Portable and perfect for cups or mugs to be used without holder

Use and Care Instructions

– Hold filling flap and add desired teaspoons of tea to bag

– Place in cup or mugusing the filling flap

– Hold the filling flap while pouring desired water temperature over tea and drape flap over the edge and steep

– Use caution with very hot water


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