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Enjoy The Moment®

Tuffy Steeper



This food grade silicone tea infuser designed for travel, easy storage,and making loose tea to-go. It isBPA–free, heat resistant, durableand compact(folds down to 1 inch flat)

  • Lightweight: 2 oz (57 g)
  • Dimensions: 2.5″ inner rim diameter, 3.5″ outer rim diameter, 3.3″height

Use and Care Instructions – This durable, expandable, reusable, loose leaf tea steeper fits mostmugs and teapots. The lid doubles as a saucer to hold thedrips fromthe brewing basket when your tea is steeped. It’s perfect for makinggourmet loose tea while traveling. From camping to hotels, you cannow make loose tea anytime, anywhere. Dishwasher safe.


Blueberry, Fushsia, Green Tea, Violet


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